Neutrinos: Is “physics as we know it” nearing an end???

By: Shaaban Fundi,

The end of Einstein era?I read with interest the article by Charles Krauthammer on the today about the discovery of neutrino particles that travels faster than the speed of light.

If this experiment and the discovery happen to be correct, then most–if not all of the Einsteinian theories in physics will be absolute. It will set a precedence to the dawn of new physics laws and theories.

It is hard to imagine that what we have been made to believe for almost 100 years was (or might be) fundamentally incorect. What is next for physics? Are there other flaws to other sciences that we’re unaware of?

It is the waiting game now for more scientists to replicate the experiment and come up with same or different results.

At the end, we will always love you Einstein (in Whitney Houston’s Voice).

Click here for original article.

3 thoughts on “Neutrinos: Is “physics as we know it” nearing an end???

    1. Mkuu Shaaban wee acha tu !

      Ila umenigusa mie na wadau ambao niko nao haki ya nani kwenye mtonesho huu!

      Kwenye unguli wa BINADAMU labda ni kweli haiwezekani kuepuka UBINADAMU hata kama binadamu mwenyewe ni Einstein.

      Bado engo yangu mabishano yanaendelea na mchokozi ni wewe katika hii atiko!:-(


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