Kibogoji Experiential Learning, Inc (KELI)

Due to increased demand, KELI is now a registered Community Based Organization (CBO). A new, bigger, and better equipped  building has been completed. In addition, one volunteer cottage has also been completed. We will soon start inviting volunteers to teach our kids at KELI.




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A. Organizational Overview

Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center, Inc’s mission is to bridge technological and instructional quality gap between urban and rural students of all levels in Tanzania. Located just 55 miles from Morogoro town.  Turiani is a tribal diverse low-income community of 10,000+ people that has been largely left behind in the economic boom that has transformed major cities in Tanzania like Dar Es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and Dodoma.Kibogoji6

Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center Inc offer a broad range of quality supplemental education, early childhood education, and technology-related services that aim to allow all people in our community to take advantage of the educational and economic opportunities created by information technologies and a quality education.

Kibogoji experiential learning center's media room

B. Description of Programs

Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center, Inc. brings computer access, a quality early and after school tutoring program, and education and economic opportunity to all community members of Turiani, Morogoro, Tanzania through a variety of programs:16830392_1678501278843707_1885423811_n


Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center, Inc operates an early education and also an after-school program called Vijana Poa . In addition, Kibogoji runs an education program that offers computer classes to community residents of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to teaching reading and writing in both Swahili and English, Vijana Poa offers field trips, virtual labs, physical activities, and computer-based academic tutoring to children age seven through nineteen. Our computer education program teaches classes that range from Introduction to computers, off-line website design using HTML (blog creation), and computer assisted video production. Classes runs in partnership with the surrounding primary and secondary schools.




Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center, Inc. plan to offer valuable Summer  Professional Development Program for teachers. The program will bring in teachers to the center to learn how to deliver engaging lesson to students using hands-on activities, brain based learning methods,  technology infused learning methods, and project based learning strategies. In addition, the program will teach teachers how to use grouping activities and/or strategies, computer assisted technologies in teaching and videos to enhance student learning. Teachers will then be given an opportunity to practice what they have learned in the workshop at local schools to improve their pedagogical skills.


To ensure that everyone in our community has access to daily newspapers, resource books, and Internet and computer-related technologies, we operate a computer/library drop-in center.

The drop-in center operate seven days a week for 70 hours. It offers a small library stocked with resource books, daily newspapers, and access to words processing, graphic design, and printing services. We train the locals to use the Internet for their work and also to access government sponsored programs on agriculture and health care.

C. Population Groups Served

Kibogoji Experiential Education, Inc. serves people of all ages and backgrounds in Turiani, Morogoro, Tanzania. The Turiani community is approximately 80% youth and 20% adults. The center serves approximately 500 people per week, of which 75% are children and teenagers.


 The decision to serve this community was based on the following:

•low incomes families
•Bleak job market
•Limited access to information including computer technology and communication.

Our computer education classes and quality after school supplemental education tutorials are provided to children and teenagers in two ways:

1) Primary school students in the area and

2.) Secondary school students in the area.

Primary Schools:

Most of our classes are taught in diverse age group from our representative primary schools in Turiani and its surrounding villages. We reach 750 kids through this educational track. The following are some of our partner schools:

Shule Ya Msingi Turiani: This school is .5 km from the center. We will work with their fifth through seventh graders.

Shule Ya Msingi Mhonda: This school is about 3 km from the center. We will work with their seventh graders.

Shule Ya Msingi Kichangani: This school is just around the corner from the center. We will work with their fifth and seventh graders.

 Shule Ya Msingi Manyinga: This primary school is about 4 km from the center. We will work with their seventh.

Shule Ya Msingi Lusanga: We will work with their seventh-graders.

Lusanga Secondary School: We will offer after school quality tutoring and computer class with form I through form IV students.

Turiani Secondary School: We will offer after school quality tutoring and computer class with form I through form IV students.


For the after school program, we offer a safe and conducive environment for students to learn and get tutoring help in mathematics, science courses and other subject areas.

Please visit our website at to learn more about this project.

D. Project Evaluation

While the content varies from class to class, we will measure our success in achieving the programs’ goals in the following ways:

By keeping attendance sheets for all classes and tutoring sessions: Attendance sheets will be compiled into weekly program reports.

By keeping class journals for all classes: Journals will be written by the instructor for each classes and are sent to all staff.

In addition, journals will be posted on the Internet, where they can be reviewed by staff, board members and funders.

By keeping a portfolio for each class: We will maintain a computer portfolio for each class, which includes finished products as well as other work generated during each class and tutorial sessions.

By conducting tests. Students will be tested on basic class competencies.

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Pili Saadi learning how to use a computer

8 thoughts on “Kibogoji Experiential Learning, Inc (KELI)

  1. Maonga Mike

    We can’t change the world, but indeed we can make a difference in so many ways. Thank you so much Dr. Fundi for touching the lives of many in Turiani area. You have made a huge contribution and a long lasting impact.


  2. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog has a tone of reflections about life. I love it. Please share our project with your friends and colleagues. We will be opening doors for volunteers in the near future.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog has a tone of reflections about life. I love it. Please share our project with your friends and colleagues. We will be opening doors for volunteers in the near future.


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