The Turning of Leaves Color in Atlanta

Leaves changing color

Once again, fall is upon us-the temperature is dipping
by the day.  I saw a weatherman today, predicting the temperature will continue to fall and by next week’s end we might be in the 20’s. It is amazing how temperature changes here, without notice we will be back in the 20F’s again and walking to our mail boxes in the after-work hours to pick up those astronomical winter gas (electricity) bills. It seems like there is no end.

The summers are extremely hot in the Hotlanta, and the winters are mildly colder. Hence, there is no break from Georgia Power. I was just thinking (wishful thinking here) maybe fall should stay for awhile. That will indeed give us a break from these back to back gas (electrical) bills.

On the other hand I feel like we put ourselves in this situation. What happened to just owning homes that are relative to our family sizes?  Less space equals to lesser space to warm up during the winter and less space to cool down during the summer months. What I am trying to say is that, Atlanta has a median of 3 people per family. Surprisingly, the average house in Atlanta suburbs has a median of 4 rooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Why do we need all this space? OR Just filing-up our egos I presume.!!!

I guess it is a choice people have to make, but in this one I truly didn’t have a choice.  I just had to swallow it, as there are no in betweens. I am one of those people who think dollars and cents before doing anything. I am among the people who would criticize people who drive huge SUVs (bad for the environmental, taking up two parking spaces and all the other tree huggers’ cries) but I have fallen with the masses in this one.  Why? Even if I chose to buy a small house where would I find it? Everything is big here-cars, motorcycles, bicycles, human and even cats and dogs are all big.

Am I complaining? Not even close.  I do really love my house except for them “summer and winter” electrical bills. Thinking of it, TANESCO would be a welcome  break here. But, Georgia Power is always on and so are their bills, always on time.

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2 thoughts on “The Turning of Leaves Color in Atlanta

  1. Anna Pruitt

    Its true that we just get bigger houses just for looks, but I also think a problem with it is just insulation. There are a bunch of little things that we could do to lower the bills. We could turn the heat down a couple at night.. or when we leave the house. If you have good insulation you won’t have to have the heat on all the time. Maybe even just have a fire in the fire place. It’s the little things.


  2. Gabriela Adala

    i love fall colors but not the temp. i as a soon to be independent young person & also as a child looked at how my parent spoke of those (gas) (electricity) bills & yes now a day people seem to believe looks are everything the bigger the better.but i agree people should realize you can have a happy life & not need 3 extra rooms in your house that you never go should consider as your children go of why not change to a smaller more size appropriate house


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