The Rock City, Mwanza

By: Shaaban Fundi

Mwanza: The Rock City
Mwanza: The Rock City

After spending a week on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar (Nungwi in particular), you would think that nothing can top those amazing “wow” moments. However, Mwanza is stunning on its own right.

Arriving in Mwanza, you fly on top of Lake Victoria. The first things you will see are those cropping up rocks on hills around the city.

It is very beautiful here.

The city is very relaxed. As opposed to Dar ES Salaam, the traffic is light and the temperature is just right. It feels like you are in a place worth visiting. You can reach any part of the city in moments’ notice.


In addition, most people are very friendly and welcoming here. They want to show you where the “it” in Mwanza is…..places for good foods, night clubs, swimming, and the likes. Furthermore, the way they cook Samakis (fish) here is just beautiful; nothing compare to a lake fish…nicely cooked!!!.

I played "draft" with this guy and lost
I played “draft” with this guy and lost

Pictures of Mwanza will be coming as soon as I find a place to download my pictures. Enjoy…!!!!!!

My first meal in Mwanza
My first meal in Mwanza
Lake Victoria View
Lake Victoria View

2 thoughts on “The Rock City, Mwanza

    1. I sure will. I just went to the Malaika Beach, it is amazing!!!!!! Stunning beautiful in here. I am loving everything so far. The prices are relatively affordable and soo soooooo many things to see. I can’t wait for the sun to come up tomorrow and head to more sight seeing and into Sukumaland.


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