Mwanza-Shinyanga and Meatu

Sato in Mwanza

Sukumaland is simply amazing. The endless flatland with occasional hills and big rocks. The land is dry with sparsely intertwined trees. Farms and cattle. Cotton, cassava, and sorghum.  From the Rock City to Shy (Shinyanga) and down to the new district of Meatu. I am falling in love with this place.

To elaborate further. I spent a few days in Mwanza. I visited the Saa Nane Park, which is interesting for a very small park near the city. Then, I took off into the hinterland. First, I traversed and stopped in Shinyanga and then, moved on onto the real Sukuma district of Meatu.

The journey was quiet good especially the Mwanza-Shinyanga tarmac road. The second leg of my journey from Shinyanga to Meatu was tiring as the roads were a little rough. However, the whole trip as a whole, worth all the pain.

I had some issues with cellular connectivity. Cell-phone connection was a bit shady. It was only functional reliably once you are on top of a tree. A very nice experience indeed. It requires you to use one hand holding on a tree branch and the other holding on a cell phone. Multitasking.

The areas I visited were very dry. I have never seen a drought such as this one. Very similar to southern Utah deserts. The Angel’s Landing and Bryce Canyon. The drought has also added to the already difficult life the village people endures. The rain did not come this year. Therefore, there are no harvests at all. There will be no maize, no cotton, and no any other type of food crops. I am definitely sure that a lot of villagers in these areas are going to die of hunger if no serious help are made available to them and sooner.

I was just in shock.  How dry the area was?  How do people live here? I am terribly shaken on how these people are going to feed their families, pay for their kids school fees, and all the other contributions that goes along with the free education system in Tanzania.

Somewhere along the Shinyanga -Meatu Road



4 thoughts on “Mwanza-Shinyanga and Meatu

  1. yasmin

    hi shaaban
    i’m adicted to you’re blog, this is what all tanzanian should learn i hope all tanzanian will open their eyes and look thinks in 3d. i wander how long will take to stop corruption in that country kwa kweli ni kero kubwa sana kwa watu wasio ishi huko na is pat of their blood cell kwa watu wanaoishi huko. tanzania inahitaji viongozi walioenda shule pia walio tembea nakuona dunia. wasio maselfish wako wapi? naimani watanzania walioko nje ya nchi ndio watakao ibadilisha nchi hiyo.mungu ibariki tz na watu wake. amin


    1. Nice to hear that you’re enjoying my blog. I like your suggestion that our leaders need exposure ” changing the mind-set experiences” to understand that serving the people does not mean you have to be superior to them with things that money can buy. A rich life is one that you have things that money can not buy…such as dignity, respect for others and their welfare. Just accumulating money and property does not impress me much….what you have done to change other’s life circumstances does.

      I hope that you will keep coming and you can write to me anytime about issues that you feel passionately about. Together with other like minded Tanzania we will be able to change the status quo in Tanzania.


  2. yasmin

    ohh you just remain me far far far just want to know more about your trip to meatu are you from that area living abroad ooo. very organased trip well done


    1. Hi Yasmin,
      I am not from Meatu, but my uncle lives at Mwamishali. I went to visit him with his family. It is such a a beautiful place and really dry. I am not really sure how people are surving this year with the drought I saw. Hopefully, they will be able to feed their families.


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