Tanzania: Changing its Education System

I am sharing two videos today. The first video is really nice and talks about issues related to high failure rates in the Tanzanian Education System and it is particularly so for the sub-county (ward) secondary schools. The first video is in Swahili and the second is in English. Please watch both videos and help change the life and future of a Tanzanian child, if you can!

I am not sure who recorded the first video but thank you anyway.

It is very interesting to see the old guy in the video (Swahili one) pointing out one of the rotten cultural taboos in Tanzania. Many people understand the root causes of the high failure rates but no one will stand up and speak out about those issues. For Tanzania to succeed in the education front, Tanzanians need to change (speak out) to confront myriad of issues that confront them. If you don’t speak out, people in the leadership positions assume everything is okay and there are no needs for improvements.

The second video is by the organisation called SEED and they sponsor children to receive education in Tanzania. Please support this organization if you can. The Tanzania education is considered to be free with a lot of strings attached to it. Because of that, many poor families cannot afford to pay for it. From school fees to numerous everyday contributions to a childs education, it amounts to a high sum that thousands of Tanzanians parents are unable to give.

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