Jenerali Ulimwengu’s Kind Words to Poor Ugandans

While I agree wholeheartedly with Generali Ulimwengu’s words of wisdom to poor Ugandans, the same words need to go around to Kenya with their political families as well as Tanzania.

Jenerali, your own neck of the woods is indeed practicing the same in case you haven’t noticed. Or was this just a way of sending home a message through a neighbour? Just wondering.

If you take a carefully look to what is happening in Tanzania, the BMWs are replicating everywhere. There is no need to mention names here; majority of the Tanzanian knows who these people are. If one of your parents worked as a Minister in the past, you will have a ministerial position, Ubunge, Mkuu wa Wilaya and so forth.

To quote Mr. Ulimwengu “ The uncreative mind of the African ruler — creative only when devising means of looting — limits him to the immediate family as a source of both continuity and security”.

But, why do these leaders resort to doing all this? The answer lies on the fact that they are not doing a good job for the majority of their people. If you do a good job, you don’t have to have anybody (croonies or otherwise) to watch your back when your term is over.

The—Presidents–wa—Muyaya-types and political genetic incumbency all over Africa are just ways for these ruler to protect themselves for underperforming or looting public funds.

To read Jenerali Ulimwengu’s article click here.

I am just telling like it is!!!

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