Tanzania-Born Freelance Journalist Based in Atlanta.

Mr. Mahadev Desai Receiving Gandhi Foundation Award from late Giriraj Rao
I had a virtual conversation with Mr. Mahadev, Desai over the week-end here in Atlanta. He is a prolific Tanzania (Tanganyika) born writer and a freelance journalist of Indian decent. He writes for various Atlanta newspapers including the Atlanta Dunia magazine, Khabar magazine or NRIPULSE newspaper. To read more about Mr. Mahadev’s biography and the numerous accolades he has received over his long career, please click here.

Mr. Mahadev told me in one of his e mails “I left Tanganyika in 1942 when I was nine years old. I have not visited Tanzania since.” I wish Mr. Mahadev could have the opportunity to visit Tanzania and see for himself the contribution of Tanzanian of Indian decent to the economy, education and political system in Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam of 1942 would be quite different from today’s Dar Es Salaam, I can imagine.

In Addition, Mr. Mahadev recently reviewed the inspiring memoirs of J.K.Chande a Tanzanian of Indian descent who was born and raised in Bukene, Tabora, in Tanzania. Such a coincidence, as I myself was born in Mabama, Tabora and was raised both in Tabora and Morogoro.

To read more about the review of Mr. J.K. Chande and his magnificent contribution to Tanzania click here. By the way, the book is called A Knight in Africa: Journey from Bukene. I have ordered a copy for myself from Amazon.com. Anyway, my book just arrived today.

This book is something. If you like reading books about Africa, don’t miss this one. It is an incredible memoir.

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