Tanzania’s SEDC Phase II Started: Emphasis on Quality!!!

Happy Faces.
It took me a minute to organize the Kibogoji Educational Resource and the About Kibogoji pages of the blog today. It’s a work in progress therefore keep visiting these pages in the future for more updates. If you are in College/University or have relatives, sons, daughters and/or friends who are still in secondary schools, high schools——direct them to these pages as they contain information that might be useful for them. And it’s all free.

Anyhow, I was surfing various blogs and came across a beautiful post about the starting of the second phase of the secondary education initiative in Tanzania last week. Click here to learn more from the lenana.net blog. The questions the author poses in this post are very interesting and could open the door for freedom of information for the citizens of Tanzania.

Finally, thank you my readers for commenting on the posts and for your participation on the social vibe banner. You helped me raise close to 80 hours for the Invincible Child Charity Organization that help pay school fees for displaced children in northern Uganda. I will appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your time today…and play a few activities in the social vibe banner to raise more money for those kids. Asante Sana!!!!!!

I welcome your ideas on various issues pertaining to the lives of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania and the rest of East Africa.

One thought on “Tanzania’s SEDC Phase II Started: Emphasis on Quality!!!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, brother. I’m actually optimistic for things to come in the next five years about the quality of education in TZ. My next wish will be for an economy that produces jobs for all of these bright, educated youth in a poor country.

    Anyway thanks. I enjoy your blog.


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