Fancy Nkuhi, New Manyoni D.C….Fresh from College!!!

The New D.C., Manyoni District, Singida.Fancy Nkuhi has been appointed to be the new D.C. for the Manyoni District in the Singida region, Tanzania. It’s great to see the youth rubbing elbows with the old in the Tanzanian leadership positions.

I am pleased to see a young woman taking a public position, hopefully the youth in Tanzania will have some hope for a great future. What are your views in the president’s decision to appoint a fresh from college lady to lead Manyoni District?


7 thoughts on “Fancy Nkuhi, New Manyoni D.C….Fresh from College!!!

  1. Mike thanks for the info. I will cross verify with other people from Tanzania. If the information sent to me was incorrect…I will definately apologize to the President, Fancy Nkuhi and to all my esteemed readers.

    I was sent five e mail about this appointment and if all that was just from rumours..I sencerely apologize to all involved. I was really happy to see a young woman take a leadership role. This would have helped to raise self esteem levels for many girls in Primary and Secondary Schools across the the country.

    Thanks again Mike.


  2. Michael Mushi

    The post above is not true this was a rumour that was started last year am shocked to see you didnt verify the info posting. This rumour started on jamiiforums Please take down the posting for the sake of your blog’s credibility.



  3. In this battle of ideas, I am in full agreement with you Modesta. From what I gathered from the Internet (Linkedin in particular), she seems not to have any sort of experience in leadership. She was a student at Tumaini University from 2007-2010.


  4. Women, just like men should be elected to positions based on their credentials, which will allow them to handle the challenges of leadership and move our country forward. It would be great to see her CV; so that we know what makes the President think Fancy is well qualified for the task.


  5. John Komakoma

    Congrats Fundi!!
    This country you are not to contribute anything if you are not a member of CCM, CHADEMA, CUF ets… the girl was appointed as a DC because she is a member of political party!!! how many potential people who can help our country out there? and they have a very good qualification! but only they are not selected cause they are not members of CCM, CUF etc…



  6. I do not have any information pertaining to her previous experience in public service. The lack of paper trail and/or experience there-of is kinda scary to me. I will try to find her CV (if you have it share with everyone please!!!!!) and publish it for public consumption.

    I hope she does have some experience to run such a big task especially considering the fact that Manyoni is the district where Uranium mining will be taking place. On one hand, handling conflict of interests between the locals and the mining company is not going to be a walk on the park and on the other hand, she is going to be a role model and that will help raise self esteem for alot of girls in Tanzania. Whatever the motive for her appointment, Kuddos to President Kikwete for this appointment. It is a move in the right direction.


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