When Is Summer Coming Back?

When is summer coming back? My daughter kept asking all week long. Yes, It is winter time and I am definitely cool with that? Mmmh!!! I guess not. It is cold, snowing now and then and definitely nothing much to do outdoors. The whole of last week, we were snowed in, the roads were first covered with snow, then ice and there was no way you could drive and/or walk anywhere. It sounds terrible doesn’t it?

I feel you Pili. I, myself thought moving from Baltimore, Maryland to Atlanta, Georgia, the south, I will be able to run away from this KIND OF WEATHER but the snow keeps following me. Next time I will move all the way to Florida…follow me then, SNOW!!!!

Believe me the first two days were fun…no work, yeah, sledding, building a snow man and all that cool winter stuff. But after those initial two days, the whole perspective changes and it starts to dawn on you.

To brighten the winter mess, I took my daughter to the Georgia Aquarium today. How fun it was to see all the tropical fish again. It reminded me of all the good times I spent in the scotching African hot sun diving 2-3 times a day in Mtwara Bay, Mnazi Bay, Kilwa, Mafia Island and Nungwi. It was so cool to see the fishes again.

Here are a few pictures from the GA aquarium to warm you up for those in the northern hemisphere. Those in the tropics, just enjoy the pictures….there is no way I can make the January HEAT disappear FOR YOU!!!

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