Snowed in, can you repeat that?

This is me trying to solve my food crisis.
Yes indeed the ATL is snowed in today. We had a couple of inches of snow last night which resulted for everything to come to a standstill. It is seriously cold and the roads are impassable, therefore has been a good day for staying inside…catching up on movies, writing, sledding, making snow men and other winter activities.

I heard about the winter weather warnings the whole day yesterday. But because I am inclined to experiential learning, I did not head the call to stock up on supplies. I woke up this morning to mountains of snow outside and an empty fridge. The fact that the roads are not drivable made my situation even worse.

Penye nia, pana njia as the Swahili saying goes. I had to be creative to get my refrigerator re-supplied.

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