Happy New Year 2011!!!!!!

By Shaaban Fundi

Finally 2011 is here. Whether you celebrated it in the dark or light, or did not celebrate it at all…. it does not matter anymore. What matters is how you direct your energy in improving yourself and fellow human kind. I am taking this opportunity to challenge you to work hard in making whatever wishes your heart desires come true.

As for me, I will work hard to achieve a couple of my goals this year………

1)To become more proficient at what I do…this is a very broad goal indeed as there are so many areas I would love to improve upon. Only time will tell!!..
2)Collaborate with others to make books and libraries available in rural Tanzania.

I am starting a partnership with Tanzania Reads in making this goal achievable. Please Join!!!!

I hope you have some measurable goals for yourself and you’re making an effort to achieve them. I wish you all happy lives, uncomplicated love life and a prosperous 2011.

To my Kenyan friends who have been nagging me to upload some Kenyan music in the Kibogoji Blog. Here is some really cool stuff from Nairobi. Enjoy!!!!

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