Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!!!!!

By Shaaban Fundi,

I need to loosen up at little. I have been uptight and serious the whole week. Merry-Christmas and Kwanzaa Njema To You All. Thanks to everyone and especially to those who sometimes take their precious and hard earned time to indulge themselves in reading my KiBoGoJi and leaving a comment or a suggestion behind. I greatly appreciate your contributions.
Now, to a much-much less serious issue, YAY finally, Christmas is here. I was just wondering of what would be under the tree this morning. Yes, I mean the tree in my living room. Who started this idea for a tree to be put in the living room anyway? In my narrow views, trees belong to the outside…not in my beautiful house/apartment/rental. That’s how I see it.
Back to the tree in my living room—-The one with all the different lights and making my light bill become astronomical in December. Maybe I will start using LED lights next year…or solar lights. If you have already done this transformation…let me know how did it go? How do you like your light bill? What made you go over the hump and pay that initial sum? They are all available now—the LEDs and solar lights—except for their shocking initial prices. I mean they are very expensive.
At least the regular lights provide me with a false sense of cheapness initially. I like everything cheap, if you can’t tell. Despite the fact that at the end of the month, I end up stuck with a huge light bill. Yeah, green Christmas my behind. Being environ-mentally responsible and all that.
Off to Kwanzaa——great celebrations in Atlanta. For those with the little ones, Kwanzaa events would be an ideal place to take these young minds, most Kwanzaa celebration events are either free or less than $5. There are many events for Kwanzaa in Atlanta…just type Kwanzaa in Atlanta into Google, and there you are. Expose your children to the seven principals of Kwanzaa i.e. Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani. I will bring mine when I am back in the A-town.

Being born and raised in East African (black) encountering Kwanzaa was kinda confusing at first. I have learned to accept it and celebrate it like everyone and one else despite its wackness.

How ironic, we live the whole year trying not to associate ourselves with anything African until after Christmas. Then we start talking about how we have survived, about our global village, our pan afrikanism and that saying, ”whatmacallit” It takes a village to raise a child. Am I missing something? Cause I don’t get it. LOL!!!!

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