Job Opportunity


Position: DIRECTOR  

Reports to:  KELI BOARD CHAIR 

Main purpose of the job:  

• Under the overall direction of the board play a lead role in formulating the aims, objectives of the schools and establishing the policies through which they are to be achieved  

• Responsible for the standards and curriculum of all pupils including monitoring of progress towards achievement  

• Proactively manage staff and resources  

• Take full responsibility for the day to day running of the school  

 • Carry out the professional duties of a teacher as required  

• Take responsibility for safeguarding issues as appropriate  

• Take responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people within the school  

Duties and responsibilities: Strategic Leadership (Shaping the Future)  

● In partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR, establish and implement an ambitious vision and ethos for the future of the school  

● Play a leading role in the strategic development and school self-evaluation planning process  

● In partnership with the Senior Leadership Team, manage school resources  

● Devise, implement and monitor action plans and other policy developments  

● Lead by example to motivate and work with others  

● In partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR, lead by example when implementing and managing change initiatives  

● Promote a culture of inclusion within the school community where all views are valued and taken into account Teaching & Learning and Student Well-being  

• Be an excellent role model, exemplifying a high standard of teaching and promoting high expectations for all members of the school community  

• Work with the Senior Leadership Team to raise standards through staff performance management  

• Lead the development and delivery of training and support for staff  

• Lead the development and review of all aspects of the curriculum including planning, recording and reporting, assessment for learning and the development of a creative and appropriate curriculum for all pupils (in partnership with the Head of KELI)  

• Work in partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR in managing the school through strategic planning, the formulation of policy and the delivery of strategy, ensuring management decisions are implemented  

• Working in partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR, lead the processes involved in monitoring, evaluating and challenging the quality of teaching and learning taking place throughout the school, including lesson observations to ensure consistency and quality  

• Ensure the systematic teaching of learning and life skills and recording of impact is consistently high across the school  

• Develop and review systems to ensure robust evaluation of school performance, progress data and actions to secure improvements comparable to appropriate national standards  

• Ensure, through leading by example, the active involvement of students and staff in their own learning Leading and Managing Staff-Developing Self and Others  

● Support the development of collaborative approaches to learning within the school and beyond ● Organize and support the induction of staff new to the school and those being trained within the school  

● Act as an induction coordinator and have responsibility for students on teaching practice and those undertaking work experience, as appropriate.  

● Participate as required in the selection and appointment of teaching and support staff, including overseeing the work of supply staff/trainees/volunteers in the school  

● Be an excellent role model for both staff and pupils in terms of being reflective and demonstrating a desire to improve and learn  

● Take responsibility and accountability for identified areas of leadership, including statistical analysis of pupil groups, progress data and target setting  

● Work with the KELI BOARD CHAIR to deliver an appropriate program of professional development for all staff including quality coaching and mentoring, in line with the school improvement plan and performance management  

● With the KELI BOARD CHAIR, lead the performance management process for all identified support and teaching staff Operational Management  

● Ensure the day-to-day effective organization and running of the school including the deployment of staff as appropriate  

● Lead, in partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR, regular reviews of all school systems to ensure the Tanzanian Education System statutory requirements are being met and improved on where appropriate  

● Ensure the effective dissemination of information, the maintenance of and ongoing improvements to agreed systems for internal communication  

● Working with KELI BOARD CHAIR, undertake key activities related to professional, personnel/HR issues, including manage HR and other leadership processes as appropriate e.g. sickness absence, disciplinary, capability  

● Ensure a consistent approach to standards of behavior, attendance and punctuality are implemented across the school  

● Be a proactive and effective leader and educator.  

● Lead, in partnership with the KELI BOARD CHAIR, and support the staff and governing body in fulfilling their responsibilities regarding the school’s performance and standards  

● Support the board chair in reporting the school’s performance to its community and partners  

● Promote and protect the health and safety welfare of pupils and staff  

● Take responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people within the school Strengthening Community  

• Work with the KELI BOARD CHAIR in developing policies and practice, which promote inclusion, equality and the extended services that the school offers  

• Develop and maintain contact with all district specialist support services as appropriate  

• Promote the positive involvement of parents/careers in school life  

• Organize and conduct meetings where appropriate with parents and careers to ensure positive outcomes for all parties  

• Strengthen partnership with the community  

• Promote positive relationships and work with colleagues in other schools and external agencies • Work with the KELI BOARD CHAIR to promote and market KELI 


  • Free accommodation 
  • Salary: bring own salary based on enrollment and performance. 
  • Free motorcycle transportation 


KELI is a registered CBO in Turiani, Morogoro. It has a license to operate an early childhood program at its premises. Currently, there are two classrooms with the potential to accommodate 60 kindergarten students and an opportunity to run after school programs for kids attending primary and secondary schools in the area. KELI is looking to hire preferably a single mother with background and certification in early childhood education. 

Interested parties should submit a CV, cover letter, financial proposal and samples of previous relevant assignments (up to two). In addition, the application should include a narrative proposal (maximum three pages) of a unit plan for kindergarten and a two-week plan for a mixed age and mixed level after school experiential learning program for students.  

These should be sent to the following address no later than midnight on 14th, October 2020: 


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