Why are rich out convincing poor people to go to work in America?

A case can be made that the overall economy is also very important and destruction of it will also be damaging to workers’ health. But that’s not what is motivating these return to work calls.

The rich are worried that a precedent is being established that the government will pay people to not work, that we can be bailed out, just like they are when something goes wrong.

And when workers won’t work, rich people start losing money.

The rich have seen their investments value decline and will continue to do so. As such they are worried and lobbying to protect their wealth. Corporate bail outs are quick and long term. Consequences are for the next CEO (to get bailed out), investing in people takes time. Failure removes their bonuses and incentives.

The whole US corporate governance structure actively incentiveses this behaviour.

They may even think they are “entitled” to the fruits of our labor, and they are being treated unfairly. In their view, if a few thousand, or perhaps tens of thousands die while maintaining the status quo, well that’s good for the country, because it’s good for them.

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