Fundraising for Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center

Hello Kibogoji Family,

Last year I opened up a one roomed after school program for kids in a small town I grew up in in Tanzania. Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center is an innovative education center that seek to bridge instructional and technology gap between rural and urban schools in Tanzania.


The main focus of the center is to improve early childhood access and after School enrichment programs for primary school aged students. The center opened its doors in January 2017 with 25 students in a one roomed classroom. However, due to high demand for our early childhood and after school enrichment education programs, we currently have 120 registered students. Thus, our  one roomed classroom space is very limited and we would like to expand soonest to reach more kids.


We currently need:

$3200 to finish constructing our new two classroom building with a teachers’ office.

$1200 to construct bathrooms. $2500 to create child friendly environment for the students including swings, slides, and a field for sports.

$650 for chairs and desks for the two classrooms. Your donation is highly appreciated and we thank you for your support.


Please donate to support this initiative by going here:


At Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center we live our lives believing that, “it is easier to build strong children than repairing broken men.” We hope you will support us in this endevour.

Here are links to our website and Facebook pages.

Facebook page is found here:


Thank you so much for your support.
Shaaban Fundi, Ph.D.


Shaaban K Fundi, M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Director

Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center

P.O. BoX 13

Turiani, Morogoro


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