My Book: “Education System in Tanzania” will be out in February, 2020.

Kibogoji Readers,

This is to let my readers and fun know that my book entitle ”


History, Policy Reforms, Education Ideologies, Evaluation and Assessment, and Research-Based Recommendations for Improving Student Achievement.

will be out this coming February, 2020. Please keep yours eyes here to be the first to hear when the book comes out. Once, the book is out all excerpts and reference on the chapters in the book will be removed from this website.

All proceeds from book sales will be used solely to expand my work in Turiani, Morogoro, Tanzania. Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center provides early childhood education and after school enrichment programs for children in Turiani, Morogoro. In addition, the center provide access to technology enhanced learning and a library where parents and kids can access books (both academic and novels).




Furthermore, if you would like to donate to our work, please do so by clicking here or by going to the Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center, Inc page in this website. Once there, click the donate button. YOUR DONATIONS will receive a tax exempt receit.

Thank you all,



4 thoughts on “My Book: “Education System in Tanzania” will be out in February, 2020.

  1. I hope you put it on Kindle as well. I will be heading from the states back to TZ in late Jan. Easier for me to travel with my books on kindle. Looking forward to getting my copy one way or the other.


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