Tanzania: East Africa Members of Parliament Selection Process Flawed

The East African Members of parliament selection process will be formalized in the next few hours in Dodoma, Tanzania. The 9 members will mostly come from the party that is undergoing a molting phase—according to party officials.

The process for selecting CCM representative to the EA has been secretive and majority of the selectees have been finger picked by the few top CCM cronies. No announcement or real criteria were given to the many Tanzanians who would have liked to participate in representing Tanzania to the East African community parliament.

This has lead many people to believe that the Urithishanaji process was on the offing. Who can blame them for reaching such conclusion?

To make this process fair and inclusive of all Tanzanian with aspiration for the EA bunge, three things need to happen:

1)Members of the East Africa parliament should not have any party affiliations. They represent Tanzania in EA and not a party.

2)Nine regions need to be created within Tanzania (mainland and Zanzibar) where everyone that likes to be an EA member of parliament can contest for the office.

3)Wananchi should vote for their EA representative. Period. The EA representatives will represent the interest of Tanzania as a country and not a party or a group of cronies or lobbyists.

I wish members of parliament from all political parties in Tanzania will see the obvious and walk out of this sham exercise of selecting hand-picked individuals to represent Tanzania in the East Africa Community. In a democratic society like Tanzania, lets not allow a few individuals to dictate the interest of the country. For democracy to prevail, people and only the people should choose their representative to the EA community.

What are you views on this issues………………………………………?????

4 thoughts on “Tanzania: East Africa Members of Parliament Selection Process Flawed

    1. Upo sawa kabisa Mkuu. Wawakilishi wa Afrika Mashariki inabidi wasitoke kwenye chama chochote na vilevile wachaguliwe na wananchi baada ya kuigawa inchi katika majimbo yanayohusika.


  1. Savon Harris

    I thinks its a great idea. I believe firmly that the people should choose what they want but the people aren’t always right.


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