R.I.P. Steve Kanumba

ImageI have never seen your movies.

I have never met you personally.

I have never even heard your name before you accidentally passed away.

Admittedly, you have left a mark in this world through your craft.

Rest in peace Steve Kanumba.

As they put your casket down for the long never to work up sleep

I promised to myself, I will buy one of your movies next time am in Tanzania.

And discover on my own what I have been missing.

If anything .

Anyways, RIP Kanumba “the great”.

Much love and peace!!


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Steve Kanumba

  1. Easter msuya

    Realy its nice guy.bt u didnt knew what is ur time.ni pigo kwn nying move zake alikuwa anafundisha.kama kijij cha tambua hak ndio ya end.realy u covldnt sai if ukiona.mungu mlze salama mpunguzie moto wa maut.we love u al


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