Land Grabbing in Tanzania and Africa.

I had written a year ago about land grabbing issues in Tanzania. I had described “the idle land” argument the government  uses to push away poor peasants from their traditional land. Some of this land grabbing phenomenon is having a huge impact in perpetuating poverty for the rural residents in the country.

The new constitution needs to take land away from the governments and back to its rightful owners, the locals in their own villages, vitongojis and the likes.

Some education on land ownership need to be provided to the villagers so that they can make informed decision on what to do with their ancestral land. The crooks from the government should not be allowed to strike land deals with foreign or local investors in any shape or form.

Here is a very good article on this issue. Read it.

4 thoughts on “Land Grabbing in Tanzania and Africa.

  1. Gloria Chan

    The African government should not have the right to just get peasants’ lands. Those lands are the main golds for peasants. If the African government just push peasants away, it can be a problem on African economy. As the government might won’t use those for plantation. There also have more people are losing their jobs and money because losing the lands.


  2. Hannah Wells

    It is not right that the African government is allowing farmers to be pushed off their land. The people should keep the land. If the people kept the land, it would benefit both Africa and the economy. Africa itself would become a more stable agricultural land and the economy would get better because they are making money from the lands they farm.


  3. Robert johnson

    It is important that people in africa keep there land. If they continue to sell land to other countries they will never be able to make money agriculturally and will only be helping other countries. The government should make laws to protect the land from being sold to foreign nations.


  4. Nicole Michael

    I agree that it is necessary for the new constitution to give back the land taken by the government to the ones who rightfully own it. It isn’t fair to Africa that the government can make deals with foreign investors regarding their land.


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