Mwaya Secondary School Form IV Result 2011, Tanzania

Here is a an indepth look and analysis of the form IV results  by Daudi Msseemmaa of  one of the thousands of Ward Secondary Schools in Tanzania. The results are just too painful as he puts it.  To read more about his analysis and graphs click here.

This is a waste of time and money for the students and the parents who sell all they have to put their children through Secondary Schools in the hope of a better future for them. For a lot of these parents,  putting their children to school is something that will not only change the cause of the future of their children but also their own. This is their retirement plan going to waste.

Maybe Wananchi need to boycott these schools. It is just not right for the entire school to recieve division zeros and some division IVs, that will not help these children to do anything with, after thousands of hard earned money spent.

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