E-Learning on my way to Morogoro, Tanzania

Finally I am in Morogoro. Further away from the hustle and bustle of the Tanzanian economic engine, Dar Es Salaam. Before I left Dar I attended the E-Learning Conference at Mlimani city. A very nice set-up for people interested in e-learning. Most of the discussions were centered around the theme “how e learning is going to shape education delivery in the Africa of tomorrow?.”

Participants represented the entire African continent and beyond. The place was packed and there was a lot of enthusiasm from the different stake-holders.

As usual, many of the African conference participants were absent. They took this paid opportunity to come to Dar Es salaam to indulge themselves and buying gifts and touring the city. I saw many of them spending at Mlimani City Mall and not attending the sessions. Another, donor’s money wasted.

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2 thoughts on “E-Learning on my way to Morogoro, Tanzania

  1. Yeah man. These people had the opportunity to learn and engage themselves with some very knowledgeable people in the e learning environment, but choose to hang-out “magomeni kwa kangamoja” other than attending the all expenses paid seminar. We are in a very sorry state of mind.
    oooh yeah, Morogoro is those very special places man. Not too hot and not too cold….just right. The views of the mountains are incredible!!!!


  2. I miss Morogoro!:-(
    There is just such a special feeling I get from viewing Uluguru mountains while approaching Morogoro from Dar-es-Salaam.

    ABOUT Waafrika kukacha semina:
    It is very sad that we still skip food for the mind in favour of food for the stomach and definately eyes!:-(


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