Truly Tanzanian

Author: Unknown.

Three contractors were bidding to fix a broken bridge at the Ministry of Transportation in
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. One was a Kenyan; another was a Tanzanian and the
third, from Uganda.

They went with a Tanzanian Ministry official to examine the bridge.

The Kenyan contractor took out a tape measure and did some measuring,
then worked some figures with a pencil. “Well”, he said, I figure the job
will run to about $90,000. $40000 for materials, $40000 for my team and $10000
profit for me.

The Ugandan contractor also did some measuring and figuring, and then he said, I
can do this job for $70000. $30000 for materials, $30000 for my team and $10000
profit for me.

The Tanzanian contractor didn’t measure or figure anything, but he leaned over to the
ministry official and whispered, $270,000.

The official said, incredulous, You didn’t even take any measurements like the other
guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?

The Tanzanian contractor whispered back, $100000 for me, $100000 for you, and
we hire the guy from Uganda to fix the bridge.

“Done!” replied the government official.

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