Reflections from Kibogoji Experiential Learning, Inc (KELI).

Good evening!

Another history-making, head-spinning week is in the books. If you’re like me, your emotions may be all over the place and so may your team’s.

Bottomline: There’s still lots of weeks of schooling left this year. That’s why reflecting on the first two weeks of schooling at KELI is crucial.

Breakfast time

What has happened: KELI opened its doors on January 11th, 2021. So far everything is going smoothly with student registration and teaching and learning.

So far: KELI has registered 47 students for its nursery program. There are over 40 students registered in our after school academic enrichment program.

Our ground keeper

Pipeline: KELI is currently creating a program for unemployed youth in our community to learn a skill that will help them to create self-employment. We will be focusing on things like motorcycle mechanics, Agribusiness, Value adding in agricultural products, IT skills, and so forth.

Computer training program

Another achievement: To support 20 students from needy families, KELI successfully fundraised $1610 through the GoFundMe platform. You can still support us here:

Near future aspirations: KELI aspire to connect students to the internet. This will be a great experience for the kids in the village to connect with other kids across the globe. Thus, we are looking for a sponsor to fund internet access for the center. Internet subscription costs Tshs 150,000 ($69) per month. The total cost for the whole year will be $800. Again you can support the kids here:

Our chef.

Thank you so very much.

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