KELI’s Online and Offline EdServices

#1: KELI Online and Offline Services

#Do you know your child’s level in Math, Science, and English or any other subject?

Shouldn’t she or he be on tract?

Unfortunately many of our beautiful children are not on track academically.

That’s where KELI comes in. Our customized and individualized online and offline services can fill any academic gaps your child is experiencing.

Our focus is on the pre-primary and primary school education. We believe a stronger academic foundation is the key for success in schools and life.

Here is our plan:

1. We will give your child a diagnostic test so she or he knows exactly where s/he stands.

If s/he is deficient in any of the core subjects, we will provide him or her with the appropriate resources and help to close the gap through a customized and individualized intervention education program.

2. Enroll your child in our online or offline K-7 enrichment education program – self driven ( all subjects K- 7).

In addition, We Advocate for your special need child as well for better learning environment and outcome.

#Will help your child close the gap in any subject.

3. At a small fee, Will will prepare your child to take competency tests such as SATs and ACTs required for most Colleges in the United States.

Our Work is to Prepare your child Close their academic Gaps in any Subject.

Ask Us How by emailing to

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