Kibogoji Experiential Learning, Inc (KELI) Update 2018

There is a Swahili saying that says, “Ndo Ndo Ndo, Si Chururu.” The saying can be translated into English as, “Drip Drip, Fills the Bucket.” That is exactly what has happened at KELI. KELI started two years ago with 25 students in the backroom of my mom’s house. It was a simple gesture to help kids in my community get a library stocked with reading and technological resources aimed at bridging instructional and technological gap that exists between rural and urban schools in Tanzania.




It was a small project.

I had no idea how important it would be?

Or, how useful it would become?

Since KELI’s opening in January of 2016, the project has reached over 1000 kids in its after-school academic enrichment programs, in the tutorial help for math, English and computer skills development program, and through its experiential learning field trips to various businesses and government organization in the area.

The experiences have been truly wonderful and positive for the children.



Because of the successes we have had. The demand for the program has increased exponentially. The center became too small to accommodate all the children interested in our programming. Thus, I made a decision to grow, increase space and capacity to accommodate a greater number of children in the community.

In November of 2017, KELI’s expansion started.


At the moment, thanks to our generous supporters such as yourself, we have been able to complete two classrooms, a toilet, and a teachers’ office. By understanding the role play, plays in learning, KELI wishes to construct a state of the art playground at the center. We hope you will partner with us to make this dream of ours a reality. We currently need $1500 to have the playground constructed and installed. We hope you will support our vision by donating to this cause.

So far, we have raised $350 on Facebook and $55 on GoFundMe page.

Below are some pictures showing the progress we have made constructing the main building (two classrooms and teachers office) and toilets. We hope you will be so kind to help us reach the $1500 goal for a playground.





To support this project, please click here


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