Life time: a concept I learned volunteering at a senior citizen’s living community.

There are 24 life hours in a day. You sleep for 8 of them (recommended). That leaves you with 16 hours. Lets say you spend 4 hours for your commute, shower, eating, and other none important issues of the day. Now you are left with 12 life hours.

These are your life hours for a day. Twelve hours only. You have a choice. You can either sell most of those hours to the highest bidder ( climbing the corporate ladder for what is called success) or enjoy them yourself (with your kids, your family, and also for traveling)while selling just a few to your work.

I learned this important life lesson while volunteering at a senior citizen’s retirement home. That life comes with a fixed amount of time. And that life is about experience over things…….things that you sell your life time for. Things like titles and material wealth. Both comes at a cost called your life time. You have to sell your life time to achieve them.

To live a full life, you have to realign your value system.

I am not anti success or anything. However, balancing your life time is important. Don’t sell all of your life time to the highest salary or to accumulating only material wealth. When the time comes for your life’s curtains to close on you. Something called regret, oftentimes shows up.

And I know so much about life’s regret through my experience volunteering at the senior home. Most of the elderly I met regretted not spending their life time with their kids, family, and also not spending their life time traveling. No one regretted not having money. Because money did not have value or meaning to them when the only thing they were waiting for was death. Life time had value, unfortunately, there was not much of it left for them.

So, while you have plenty of your life time, spending it with your kids, family, and do travel to have the experiences that you will cherish while waiting for the time for you to leave this earth.

Please spend your life time wisely.

Dr. Shaaban K Fundi


2 thoughts on “Life time: a concept I learned volunteering at a senior citizen’s living community.

  1. Allen J. Powell

    From is little article about The Evolution vs. Creationism Controversy in America I honestly think that this article sounds amazing found what it’s coming from in a science way of putting it into Evolution and Creationism. Thinking off someone’s emotions and what they truely believe in, like their religions comes together with Creationism and evolution proven differently in a scientific way. I don’t think I could choose a side, because I ready think you could do good with both ideas. BUT for the most I really like this article.👌🏾👌🏾💯


  2. Maddie De Soto

    -From reading this article and the Evolution VS. Creationism article, I learned that whether or not it was science or God who created the Earth, people still argue over it despite what others think or say.
    -My views on this topic are: I am Christian and I believe that there is a God who created the world and is the all powerful. Therefore my view on it is very straight forward.


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