DICOTA Convention September 23-25th Washington D.C.

I have heard of the DICOTA conferences in the past two years, but I was too occupied with other important things and never had the WILL to attend. This year-2011 is different though, I will definitely be in Washington D.C. to attend this important meeting for all Tanzanians living in the Americas.

The reasons for attending this year’s convention are simple: 1) to celebrate 50 years on Tanzania’s independence, 2) to just mingle with like-minded folks from that great east African country.

I believe that for Tanzania to achieve the type of development we all want  to see, it is imperative for all to participate in the process. That means people in the diaspora need to have a role in what is happening in Tanzania. I am taking that necessary step– this time around.

As I seat here planning my trip to the U.S capital for this convention to be held on September 23th-25th, 2011, I am completely preparing myself for all-things positive that will happen during the entire length of this conference.

My decision to attend the convention was somewhat made easier this year after hearing our Ambassador to Washington Ms. Maajar speak eloquently the needs for Tanzanians and everyone with origin from Tanzania to support Tanzania’s development. To quote ambassador Maajar‘s words of wisdom “if not us Tanzanians, who else will push for the development of Tanzania?” I am with you on that Balozi Maajar.

It will definitely be really nice for me to be in the capital city again after 2 years away. I lived in Baltimore City, 25 miles outside of the Washington D.C. beltway for almost 8 years and spent so many beautiful moments in the capital during the week ends and attended many social events there. It will indeed be like a home coming event.

For all Tanzanians in America, please attend if you can. I know it is a recession time and there is little money to go around, but if you have the time and money, please show up to celebrate this important event for Tanzania.

Finally, If you want to cut expenses by sharing a room at the Dulles Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C. leave your name, phone number or e mail as a comment so that other people who would like to do the same can contact you privately through this blog. I would be happy to do the same especially if we book the two bedrooms offer that they have.

Cheers and see you all in the CAPITAL…………!

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