Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

By Shaaban Fundi

It has been all over the news channels for the most part of last and this week. It is a huge scandal involving 178 teachers and administrators in 44 different schools.  Some of the accused have already confessed to changing student’s test answers and doing special arrangements to raise students’ achievement in their schools.

In following this issue, I came across an article on the internationalguy’s blog that talks in detail about what happened (an inconvenience truth in his views). I do not agree entirely with the author but there is some truth on what he is saying (despite some racist vernom in his writings). Read the article here and arrive at your own conclusion.

3 thoughts on “Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

  1. katherine coffee

    i knew that this was going on, because it has been a main topic for a while. what i did not know was how extensive the scandal was. i didnt not know that it had been going on for years. i thought maybe a year or two, which is still too long, but nothing more than that. it only leaves me thinking “werent there people that were supervise these test scores, and if so, were they in on the scandal too?” it makes no sense how something this serious could have slipped through the cracks for this long.


    1. katherine coffee

      the method of sitting lower performing students next to higher performing students is something that i thought was done so that one could help the other grasp concepts that may difficult for one. if thats the case, and all this is true then school officials should start checking more than just Atlanta for school scandals.


  2. abigail hernandez

    well i think that this was wrong but considerated . it’s wrong because even though the teacher help the people that seem smart and had the potential to be a better person or accomplish a goal , they had no right to interfear with the childs score .. even though it help the child . when they say “no child left behind” they dont mean passs them even though they do nothing


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