Johannesburg South Africa.

I spent a few days in the African economic engine. It’s hard to tell just by looking onto the faces of smiling, skinny Africans that Jo’burg is the economic engine of Africa. The plight of African immigrants to South Africa (Kwere Kwere) can also be seen everywhere. They are overworked, have no rights, and are underpaid.  I spoke to them as well. Don’t get me wrong, South Africa is in general,  a beautiful country.

I have had numerous conversations with mostly with seemingly frustrated and economically marginalized young white South Africans and some black South Africans. The common theme here is that, Zuma has turned this country into a mess (their views not mine). Majority of the white I have spoken to (most of them young and underemployed) have no regard for Zuma and the Southern African Leadership. They view the South African government as too pro-blacks and has lost touch with other races in the rainbow nation.

In addition, I had numerous heated conversations with many young black South Africans as well. They think the ANC government is doing fine in terms of closing the gap between the economically marginalized South Africans and those who held the driving seat of the South African economy for many years. The fact of the matter is that, to them, South Africa is an African majority but the mighty of the Rand still remain hugely in the hands of a few white South Africans. They would like to see that changed in the near future.

At least on the surface, it looks and feels like the race card is slowly and increasing being discredited. The main problem is economical  rather than race, as I gathered from the many people I spoke to. Hopefully, the seeds of togetherness Mr. Nelson Mandela sawed years ago while creating the rainbow nation are taking roots in today’s South Africa. Until, next time. goodluck to you all.

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