The Beautiful Gold, Tanzania.

I just found this video by the Barrick Gold Founder, Peter Munk. He is talking about how barrick is filling in the employment and income gap in places where none exits. Watch it and arrive to your own conclusion.

In addition, a new report was released yesterday by an investigative journalist(Zahra Moloo) who visited the North Mara Gold Mining Operation by Barrack. You can read the entire report here.

8 thoughts on “The Beautiful Gold, Tanzania.

  1. Thank you for finding and posting this. I wonder about the before-and-after of this mine in Tarime — comparing the livelihoods and environment before it was built with after.


    1. Hi Daudi,

      Yeah man!!! I have no clue. I guess some government agency is supposed to be doing that. In my opinion, there is a need to have baseline data to compare the before-and -after in all the proposed mining areas. How can we know if the lives of the people living in these areas have been improved or negatively affected by the mining activities around them if there are no baseline data to compare with?

      In addition, good environmental impact assessment (independently done) of the areas need to be conducted so that the government agency responsible for the environment (and any interested parties) can periodically assess and compare to baseline data if there is any positive or negative consequences to the environment as a result of the mining activities in these areas.

      I believe that there are data somewhere in someone’s office (hard copy that is) and not readily availabale to persons or institutions interested to conduct research on these topics. Perhaps, college students or graduate school students would benefit if they had access to this information (like in a data base somewhere and readily accessible) and contribute to the breath of local research and knowledge.

      Its my belief that nothing is being done to promote this type of thinking (Positive that is). If you have any data to indicate otherwise let me know and I will share them with others.

      just my thoughts!!!


  2. I do the same S-i-m-o-n-i. Did U see how I spelled out your name? Funny huh!!! I know that’s what your mother calls you or close to that.

    I love the way you play with Swahili. Making it more interesting by twitching, twisting, and pulling out ——words. I do visit ya Mtukufu Kona every-other-day just to have a laugh and while there, I think about how many people who really, really get the meaning of what you’re trying to say.


  3. Thanx again!

    …..and I always appreciate so much everybody but because I am HUMAN those who understand what I am trying to do like U ,…
    … always are my strength!

    Ila kama hukustukia mie hapa ni kijiwe changu yani MKUU !
    Na haki ya nani nakuja mara kedekede kuchota hekima hapa kila nipatapo muda!


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