The Ironicalness of Loliondo, Tanzania.

Obama Family
Mr. President, I hope you are doing great and continuing to lead this huge and cumbersome nation. I am writing this not because of those huge responsibilities that you presently have (you know the drama in Libya, Afghanistan and the rest). I am writing because your neighbors on the southern border (I don’t mean Mexico, but south of Kenya) have discovered a miraculous cure for many of the incurable diseases. Diseases such as HIV, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Cancer and many more can now be cured by Babu’s (grandpa’s) cup of the miraculous cure in Loliondo, Tanzania.

I know you are a very busy man (with what is happening here at home and abroad) and you cannot spend your very limited time to indulge yourself on some crazy stories happening in Africa.

This is nothing like other stories coming out of Africa. I want you to pay attention to this one because there is a potential for money to be saved on your Global Aids Programs. If the retired Pastor in Tanzania (which the Tanzania Government has said the drink is safe for human consumption) can cure all these incurable diseases just for 500Tshs (.30$, 20p) a cup, I think it is imperative that the US Government cut or reduce the Global Aids Funds for Africa and use that money here to implement the universal health care for all Americans.
(By the way, how many good and hard working Americans who do not have or cannot afford a health Insurance? Oooh!! And most of them cannot afford to travel all the way to Loliondo either).

Or you can actually call those IRS people today and instruct them to lower my taxes as the money for global aids funds will no longer be needed. I assure you, I will spend the extra money to stimulate the local economy in my neck of the woods so that a “brother” somewhere on the Westside-or-Eastside of the city can have a job. Many of them don’t have one as I write this. The implications of joblessness are serious and are breaking down the fabrics of the “blacks” togetherness everywhere.

I am sure you already know how that will help to eliminate (not too fast, maybe just reduce) the thuggish image of black folks in the old US of A. When black people have a decent job and can provide for their families, there will be less gang related killings, divorce rates will go down, and many of our brothers will not be shown on TV every evening “News Hour” Killing one another at our dinner table time. You know we really hate seeing that!! Don’t you?

To help them (Tanzanians) fast track the distribution of grandpa’s cup miraculous cure, you can build them a plastic bottle packing facility (with a fraction of the global aids funds) so that the cup content can be easily stored and distributed throughout Africa. Imagine what an ingenious idea that would be? Tanzania can even turn that village into a tourist destination and capitalize on tourist dollars as well. The lack of toilet facilities and places to sleep at the village will be a major attraction for the tourists. A win-win situation indeed!!!

If you beg to differ with my sarcastic views on the Loliondo saga, leave a comment!! You know I will be waiting to hear from you.


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