2 thoughts on “The Loliondo Wonder

  1. Hi Mourice, Nice comments by the way. I agree with you that too many people in East Africa are dying before their time due to lack of good medical care especially those suffering from a myriad of chronic diseases. It is a shame. On the other hand though, I don’t agree with you that people need to continue embibing Babu’s cup in ahope that they will be healed……there is no healing whatsoever on that cup. This will actually lead to more unnecesary death. People who should be taking their blood pressure medication, HIV medication, diabete medication should be encouraged to do so other than putting themselves on Babu’s concoction which will not heal their diseases. It is irresponsible to continue and/or promote this myth any longer. These are just my views and you are entitled to your opinion.


  2. Mourice

    let people get healed from babu’s medicine may be this may be a good solution to reduce man power loss in most African countries especially East Africa.


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