Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center is Seeking Donations

Dear Kibogoji Readers,

We are reaching out to our readers, sponsors, and donors with a word of thanks. Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center is currently reaching about 1000 children a month. We would not have reached all those children without your support.


It is a testament to your continued support and vision for helping communities gain access to early childhood education, after school enrichment activities, and information technology in areas where such technology and know how are not in existance.


We are expanding our reach and the quality of activities at the center to include a new building ,  field trips, and a mentoring program. To achieve this vision, your support is highly needed.


Check the link below to peruse the pictures and information from our programming.

Facebook Page: here.

Website: here.

We are counting on your support to reach more families, build a new building, and to expand the range of stimulating activities the children are engaged in while at the center.


Kibogoji Experiential Learning Center



You can also donate using pay pal on the button below this article.

Asante sana (thank you very much!!)

Shaaban K Fundi,  Msc., M.A., Ph.D.




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