Increasing Access to Education for Children in Tanzania, East Africa.

By. Christine Mosore

Christine Thompson Mosore is the Founder and President of Mosorec International Foundation (MIF) based in the USA and also operates in Tanzania, East Africa. Christine built her first school in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania in the 1990’s for underprivileged children and recently returned back to Tanzania to build a second school-Mosorec International Academy (MIA) in a rural village of Tarime, Tanzania to provide educational access and opportunity for children in Tanzania especially the disadvantaged such as poor children, orphans and girls.

The Mosorec International Foundation’s mission is to empower and improve lives of people in Tanzania. MIF supports children and families in Tanzania, East Africa where educational opportunities are scarce. Too many children in Tanzania are falling behind in life as families struggle to provide educational opportunities for them.  In order to be successful children need a basic education. This led Christine to build her school to make sure all Tanzanian children are given a chance to succeed in life by:

  • Increasing educational access and opportunities
  • Decreasing illiteracy rates
  • Increasing good health
  • Saving and rescuing girls
  • Preparing students for educational opportunities
  • Preparing students to function in the global community

Currently, Christine is working on the drilling of a water well at Mosorec International Academy to bring clean safe water for children and their families at the rural village in Tanzania as well as adding more classrooms at the school. She is encouraging people to join her to travel to Tanzania to volunteer at Mosorec International Academy and also enjoy the beauty of what Tanzania has to offer.

Christine believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships with individuals, business, educational and religious organizations and hopes to work with the Tanzanian Government to help impact more lives and increase the educational access and prospects for Tanzanian children. She has initiated and led the establishment of the Sister City Relationship between Tarime, Tanzania and the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) through her organization Mosorec International Foundation that became official in November 2016. She is excited and looks forward to seeing mutual exchanges through the Sister City Relationship in the areas of education, business, culture, tourism and agriculture for the benefit of all Tanzanian people.

You can join forces to help Mosorec International Academy provide more access to education for Tanzanian children.  Join Mosorec International Foundation in collecting the following school building supplies and needs to be donated to MIA in Tanzania, East Africa:

  • Windows and doors
  • Desks and chairs
  • Water well and tanks
  • Toilets and toilet fixtures
  • Electricity
  • Educational/teaching materials

For more information:

Email: Christine Thompson Mosore at

Like us on Facebook: Mosorec International Foundation

Monetary donations/Gifts may be made to Mosorec International Foundation

(Mosorec International Foundation is a registered tax exempt non-profit organization in the USA)


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