The DICOTA Chronicle: January 2017 Issue.

Welcome to the DICOTA Chronicle Issue of January 2017.

Dear DICOTA Chronicle Readers!

At DICOTA, exciting things are happening this year. To keep you and all our readers in the loop, the DICOTA chronicle issue for January 2017 contains plenty of information.  Please take time to read it in its entirety. In this issue, “Building Our Future Together” is our binding message. DICOTA is excited to engage you and your community in the spirit of building stronger communities of the Tanzanian diaspora in America.

At the President’s Corner, Mr. Charles Bishota’s message details an outlook for the organization’s plans going forward. The President’s entire message is shown below. In addition to the President’s message, the DICOTA chronicle goes into further details present some of DICOTA’s exciting programs including a snapshot to the newly minted Strategic Plan, the Scholarship Fund, and many more. Again, if you want to stay in the know, click this link The DOCOTA Chronicle.

Building Our Future Together

Let me begin by wishing you a prosperous 2017 marked with good health, humor, and inspiration. I commit as your president to embrace the vital responsibility of executing DICOTA’s mission. Each one of you is an integral part of our community and I vow to be candid in all my discourse.    Writing the President’s message is hallowing in the fact that it is not as simple as an Instagram or Facebook post. In social media, even when your musings do not make sense, people will humor your comments with a “like”. I pray you will humor my musings, as well.

Prior DICOTA presidents have immersed themselves in numerous beneficial works for the diaspora community. I am honored to follow in their footsteps. I am especially honored to follow in the footsteps of President Ndaga Mwakabuta. The task is daunting, however, together we will be stronger together.   DICOTA owes its structural health, as well as its gratitude, to the work of Dr. Ndaga. He purposely approached every undertaking and left our organization with a stronger foundation. There was neither an unfinished task, nor an unreturned phone call during his tenure. Thank you, Dr. Ndaga, for your outstanding leadership!

As you know, the DICOTA Executive Committee (“EC”) for 2017/18 consists of: Secretary General, Nisa Kibona, Deputy Secretary, Dr. Fundi Shaaban, Treasurer, Kwame Kinabo, Assistant Treasurer, Ana Matulile, EC at Large Members, Ms. Fatma Al-Tamim, and Dr. Frank Minja. This team is full of passion and deeply believes in DICOTA’s core mission.

In addition, Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” In preparation for this year, the EC team brings a new perspective as well as a creative commitment to all our initiatives. This crew is dedicated to serve. Our EC team will bring lasting change to our communities both here and at home. Please encourage them by dropping a note at

Furthermore, soon we will share with you many of our exciting activities (including our three-pronged strategic plan) in the next issue of The DICOTA Chronicle. The Tanzanian diaspora in America is rapidly changing and it’s becoming bigger. The tapestry of our society is as diverse as our adopted home. It includes (among others) our children in Texas, graduate students in Kansas, entrepreneurs in Maryland, professionals in California, and artists in Atlanta. The core of this community, is, its love and devotion for Tanzania.

Moreover, this year we have an opportunity to promote a spirit of unity. Please join in the ongoing national discourse regarding the Tanzanian diaspora and the national land policies. If you have not yet renewed your membership or registered as a new member, please click the following link to do so: register/renew your membership. While visiting the site, please register into our Diaspora Database. Registration to the Diaspora Database does not require active membership to DICOTA. Your registration benefits all Tanzanians in America by creating a central repository for networking.

Lastly, our next convention will be in Seattle, WA during the summer of 2018. Our brothers and sisters in Seattle are already working hard to prepare for your arrival. Stay tuned for more details.   Stronger Together,   Mr. Charles Bishota, Esq. DICOTA President


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