Virtual Specialist Interview Resources

As you begin the process to become the science virtual content specialist or any content specialist for that matter. You will normally be asked to start the interviewing process by creating a short video describing your experience for the position. Below is a video I made to give an example of what you could do. 

Then, you will be asked to create an interactive online lesson. Below is an example of such a lesson to help you in this process.

Today I will teach you an introductory chemistry lesson. In this lesson you will learn about the States of Matter. Click here. for the lesson plan.

 Before I begin my presentation. Please take five minutes to write down what you already know about the states of matter. Please click here for the pre-assessment document to start jotting down your answers.

Please upload your answer for me to have an idea regarding the levels of prior knowledge you already have on this topic.

Okay. Now you have shared with me your responses on the pre-test. I will begin my PowerPoint presentation to help you learn more about the four states of matter.

 Click here. to watch the power point presentation. As you are watching, the presentation. Please fill in the lesson outline that goes along with the presentation. Click Lesson Outline to download it.

Because I know students have different learning modalities and styles. Once you finish watching the PowerPoint presentation. Click here for an interactive activity that will help you to learn more about the states of matter in an interactive way.

In addition, click here. to watch a video discussing the states of matter. This will help to solidify your understanding of the concept.

Once, you have watched the video. Make sure to complete the posttest found here.

Thank you very much for participating in this lesson today. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to send them my way:  Click on the box below that says “comments.”


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