Tanzania Election 2015: Your Vote Matters.

I am disappointed about the fact that I am in fact disappointed. You may ask: Why am I disappointed? I am disappointed because my beloved Tanzania is falling into the normal trap of the prevailing understanding—‘’each for oneself and God for us all”.  

This Western philosophy is already failing many in the West. My predictions are that if it hasn’t failed many in Tanzania already, sooner than later it will. The gap between the rich the the poor will astronomically increase. The results of which will be catastrophic levels of unrest for the ones outside the circles of influence which may destabilizes the peaceful nature of Tanzania. 


The political establishments have the opportunity to change this fact. However, there is a conundrum in the modern politicking in Tanzania. Three factors contributes to this conundrum: One, political positions have become so expensive such that it is inaccessible for the common man with a common sense to access it. It is only accessible to those who have the means to purchase it and/or bloodlines connecting them to the current politicians.  Two, the sad thing is, most of the African modern politicians were born in conditions of want, lived on the edge of needs, survived in dog-eat-dog world, are unable to restrain their ego, and have the highest desire for the lime-lights. These realities brings forth the Third  factor, the ignorance in understanding the basics of a generally good structure called the commons. Which is the foundation of good society.

In Africa and Tanzania in particular, many people still live and largely observe the laws of the common. That is everything is ours and not mine.  That is how the family structure is built. That is how the village structure is built. However, the commons are not common anymore. The commons are now largely owned by the few. Politicians, relatives, and their friends. Thus, the commons cannot save the majority. As the saying goes “owned by the few will only save the few”.  The many who actually own the commons are left to struggle in this man-made abject poverty. And that, disgust me.

In Tanzania for example: hospitals, schools, clean drinking water supply, electricity, the police force and all the essentials services of the majority are short-handed. No medicine, no teachers, no running water, no electricity, and no supplies at our policing centers. However, there is always money for the chosen few to indulge in the wealth of the commons. Another instance is the Members of Parliament who saves themselves rather than serving those who put them in office. We have become worshipers of our rulers rather than the rulers worshiping us for entrusting them with our resources. This has to change. It starts with the constitution. A new constitution that will put its people first and not the other way around.

Stop Albino Killings in Tanzania. Spread the Word!
Stop Albino Killings in Tanzania. Spread the Word!

The current situation for the sick among us is atrocious. There is saying that goes like “A society is judged by how it treats the less fortunate among it”. Tanzania treats the less fortunate horribly. Look at how we treat our elderly, our albinos, and all the less fortunate among us. The rulers and the connected receive first class medical attention. If you don’t believe me, wait until one among them or their family member needs critical medical attention to which there is none in the state referral hospitals. Then, there will be money to fly them to South Africa, India, Europe or the United States. Where they pay in cash for the medical procedures necessary to save their lives. Off course, not with their money. They pay with the commons’ money. Your tax money. We, ourselves have allowed them to write these benefits into their contracts. These types of loopholes create no incentives for the rulers to find solutions to improve health care for the commons and the well-being of its people.

On top of that, the rulers travel excessively in the name of the commons. Using our poverty numbers and statistics to borrow money in our names. Not for us, but for themselves. To them, our poverty is the necessary evil. Our poverty is a necessity to borrow from the IMF and the other rich countries around the world. Without us being poor, there will be no reason and/or collateral for the borrowing. Hence, we are kept poor through BAD policies so that the borrowing and begging can and will continues. Unless the culture is changed…we will continue to be victims of our own making.

Tanzanians. You do have a voice and a chance to rectify the situation. Your voice can change all this man-made-poverty.

Vote with this in mind.

Anyhow, It is your country. Do as you please!

Mimi Sio Mpiga Kura


4 thoughts on “Tanzania Election 2015: Your Vote Matters.

  1. Well I have commented here before from time to time. I am a missionary here and have been here for just 3.5 years. It appears that there will be a change in leadership. They is excitement and apprehension. I am never critical of governments in countries I travel to. And I won’t be now. Tanzania is the safest country I travel in and I seldom face even a trace of corruption. The people are wonderful but alas there is much poverty. I fear the tax base here supports little improvement and Tanzanians are not very interested in inovating in business and taking risk. The rural poor and widows and especially the Albinos and orphans are greatly at risk. I pray for God’s blessing on this nation and it’s leaders whoever comes to being in a position of power. I must agree that the every man for himself adage is very popular in practice if not admitted in public. Power corrupts in every government scheme. I do hope for the best for these wonderful people and feel honored to live with them in this beautiful country among such good citizens. I think there will be a large turnout and the potential for much change. Everyone here expects great change. I pray that change, if it comes, is wise, peaceful and productive.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that perhaps the tax base is too small to actually support any significant development. Maybe the rulers can find ways to increase the tax base to really starting providing providing social services to the masses. The current situation is unsustainable.


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