Tanzania: Vote With Conscience This Election Year

CCM neglected its voters for way too long. The tears and pain of neglect is compelling voters to reject the status quo in order to usher a new dawn. A dawn unto which things are done differently. Now is the time to end business as usual. Time to chart a new cause. The peope will rise with clarity this election year.

The “Go Away CCM” is a mainstream movement that has gained significant support within our majority and the momentum to occupy Magogoni, has just started. The words of learned people like Balozi Mwapachu are an indication of things yet to come. With slogans like “Hakuna haja ya ramli mwaka huu, UKAWA watashinda,” it is indeed promising.

Over the next two month the majority after being kept in the fringes for far too long, will rise up and reject CCM for undermining Tanzania’s future. Please do join hands in support of CHANGE.  Change for Tanzania to begin the healing process. Healing from the scars tattooed on us because of CCM.  It is true that, change has taken too long arrive.

Living under CCM has been a nightmare to farmers—each year wanakukopa mazao yako. And, then they don’t pay you back in time for the next farming season. Ask korosho farmers in Mtwara, Beans and Maize farmers in Morogoro and Rukwa, Cotton farmers in Mwanza and Tabora, Tumbaku farmers in Tabora, Kahawa farmers in Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, and Kagera? They will tell you exactly how it feels to toil for a whole year and at the end not receiving a pay for your hard work. That is CCM in a nutshell.

Living under CCM has been a nightmare to students—-each year students are seating on the floor and do not have any books to read. Each year students fights for their education loans. Ask pupils how it feels to seat on the ground the entire year trying to get an education? Yes. That is CCM to you.

Living under CCM has been a nightmare to Magufuri——Did you hear Magufuri campaigning against his own party? That is CCM to you.

Living under CCM has been a nightmare to workers—-each year the dream of a retirement is being being pushed to the fringes. It is almost impossible for workers to dream for a retirement after working honorably for 30 plus years in the government. It has been tax rise after tax rise with no services in return. Hivi kweli haujachoka kuoga maji ya kujipiga makofi miaka nenda miaka rudi? Ukienda hospitali hakuna dawa….wala vitanda vya kulaza wagonjwa. That is CCM to you.

So what to do?

Vote with conscience.

————Ask UKAWA to be honest with you about your own issues.

————Teachers why don’t you ask Lowassa to promise you, once he wins, he will concentrate on solving your problems first (pay raises, housing, career advancements, etc).

————Tanzanians why don’t you ask UKAWA to promise in complete terms that once they have your votes, KATIBA BORA will be the first thing on their table.

The Way Forward.

Start Forming interest groups to follow up on issues that affect you and your community. Politicians needs to be made aware that, we ain’t kidding with our votes this time around.

The main reason we have governments in the first place is so that they can provide social services that will otherwise be too expensive to provide to ourselves in an individual basis.


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