Buying or Selling in Tanzania?

Africa is changing really fast. That is a fact. Is Africa changing for better or for worse? This is a fundamental question, however, the answer to this question depends entirely on your worldview. Are you looking at Africa in terms of its economic opportunities? Or are you looking at Africa in terms of its destruction to the environment? Do you believe in a sensible and sustainable growth? In this series of posts about Africa, I will look at Africa and Tanzania in particular using the lens of Tanzanias’ communication evolution.

So, how technology especially mobile phone usage has changed in Tanzania over the years? Technology is changing the way people access and process information in Tanzania. I remember vividly when cellphones were introduced in the early 1990s. Service was sporadic, expensive, and mainly a symbol of status in society rather than a form of communication. Fast forward 20 years later, the World Bank claims that an average Tanzanian has two or more mobile phones (World Bank, 2012). According to the World Bank website on technology, the service is quite good and can be accessed almost anywhere in the country. The advancement of mobile phone usage has coincided with the advancement in internet connectivity and usage. Internet connectivity in Tanzania is still highly accessed through mobile phones. It is what I call the mobile phone internet affair. The combination of cellular phone service penetration and internet connectivity in the country has sparred growth in trade, communication, and soon will be felt in the education sector.

As the share of internet connectivity gets bigger, so does the promise for its use in transforming the education industry in Tanzania. For that matter, here is a link to connect you with that possibility. Hopefully, you will find this new website not just a lone tree in a forest of many advertising websites in Tanzania. At OLX Tanzania we go further to connect you with your clients and the buying needs you may have.  It gives you the penetrability you need and deserve. If you have a cell phone, you can buy and sell from the comfort of your village kigoda. Enjoy the service.


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